Trouble with the curve

Sometimes, when a curveball comes at you hard enough, all you can do is duck, dust yourself off, and try again the best you can.

Due to pressing circumstances in the non-scientific and mathematical portion of my life, I have altered my course once again. I have been away from school for three weeks taking care of other business, and my new course entails finding a full-time job, developing extraordinary gifts at managing a household budget, and taking an incomplete in Calculus I until I am able to finish it over the course of next semester. Physics 190 I think I can finish.

It’s all good now… and if it doesn’t look good yet, just give it (and me) a little time. It’s going to be all right. And even if I never get back to school to finish the degree I started, I may possibly have enough math and physics texts to last me the rest of my life (even if I live as long as I want to, which will take a while). I also have enough supportive friends to see me through to the end of my days. (And enough knitting projects, but I said at the inception of this blog that I wasn’t going to talk about knitting here.)

I’m still resolved to go forward. Maybe I’ll have time for those Boy-Scientist experiments now. My kids all demonstrate scientific curiosity, and they need mentoring. (There’s an honest to goodness SCIENCE FAIR coming up in two months and it’s time for Jack to pick a project.) There is still plenty to do.


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