Slow and steady

Just keep crawling.

…wins the race. Or keeps a woman sane. (Or tries to help in that process. Goodness knows there are other factors involved.)

My course has altered. After I finish this post I will go over to the Physics Department and drop off a Late Drop form for the department chairman to sign so that I can officially drop Physics 180. The workload of learning physics and calculus simultaneously is just too much right now, and attempting it has taught me a lot about how far I can safely stretch myself before hearing the first signs of incipient materials failure. I will now have several more hours a week in which I can focus on doing much better at calculus. While that might be too late for yesterday’s calculus exam, it should pay off in the long run.

My goal, however, is the same — to get a degree in physics. I have changed the pace so that the goal (while still difficult) is more manageable. I’m no longer running headlong; I’m walking. But I’m still beating everyone who’s sitting on the couch.

I might also now have time to do the things that settle, calm, restore, and inspire me. Such as reading, knitting, talking to people, or spending time with my family.


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